For a limited time only, Eurolingo is pleased to offer exceptional promotions for its loyal Customers. Please contact us or call us at +65 6455 6518 for more information! To enjoy these promotions, simply register directly at the centre.


  • Available to Customers who pay up-front and in full for two (2) consecutive modules.
  • 15% off course fee for both modules for any adult course (once a week, twice a week, intensive, conversation)*
  • 10% off course fee for both modules for selected children courses (playgroups, Children beginner classes to advanced)*
  • No refund of course fees when a Customer withdraws at the end of the first module, even when withdrawal is done before the start of second module.
  • Courses will continue in general on the same day and time. I.e., Beginner 2 course will take place on the week immediately following the last of session of Beginner 1.


  • Available to existing French Toast and Eurolingo Customers (Customer A or referring Customer) who refer a Customer (Customer B or referred Customer) who successfully enrolls in a course.
  • Both Customer A and B will receive $50 off course fees for the next payment.
  • Referral only valid for courses not paid with SkillsFuture Credit


  • Available to Customers who enroll two or more children/parent.
  • 5% off course fee for 2nd (and subsequent) child/parent enrolled.
  • Applicable every term while two or more siblings are attending.
  • May be applied in conjunction with other discounts.
  • Other standard enrollment terms and conditions apply.
(*) The discount will be applied on the 2nd module of the bundle